Cheyenne River Predator Hunters Run TS Customs Rifles! 

Posted by admin on February 25, 2017

"In 2014 our group, the Cheyenne River Predator Hunters, decided to take our predator hunting to a more professional level. We began to film all of our hunts, hoping to produce some of the best predator hunting film available. TS Customs Precision Firearms, was fairly new at this time and we started to notice a new trend. We immediately reached out to Travis Stevens, and before we knew it, team CRPH was partnered with TS Customs. The great thing about Travis, is he isn't just a gunsmith, he is a hunter. The knowledge he brings to the table is what separates TS Customs from any other gunsmith/gun builder. We didn't know a lot about custom rifles and/or cartridges, Travis was quick to guide us in the right direction!

A lot has changed since 2014, including better marksmanship. Our team, in terms of coyotes, has produced: tons of singles, multiple double, some triples, quadruples, and even a quintuple. These coyotes all taken with 2 people on the coyote stand/set. One person behind the camera, and one running a TS Customs bolt action rifle. Not to mention, our affective range has increased from a max of 300 yards, to team member Derek Hunter shooting a coyote at 750 yards with his 6mm XC. Mind you, these are coyote calibers!! Today predator calling is tough, there are more people calling then ever and it pays to have the right tools. Talk to Travis and the guys at TS Customs, no matter if your shooting coyotes to steel, they will take your shooting to a whole other level!"

-Lonny Lesmeister
Cheyenne River Predator Hunting